Bribing DJs to Play Your Music: Is it a Good Idea?

In our last blog post, we mentioned that one of the ways in which you can take your music career to the next level is by paying DJs to play your music frequently. As expected, that suggestion has aroused a great deal of controversy among readers, with some strongly feeling that it is not a good idea. Against that background, we have decided to tackle that issue on its own – as we try to figure out whether or not it is a good idea to bribe DJs for them to be playing your music more frequently.

Here is the truth of the matter: whether bribing DJs to play your music more frequently is a good idea or not depends on the context you are operating within. It more specifically depends on what is considered ‘best practice’ within the market you are operating. You see, there are some markets where musicians routinely bribe DJs for them to play their music more frequently. It is treated casually – you know, just the way a new GM dealer could pay an established dealer for the latter to teach him how to use the GMGlobalConnect portal. In such a market, if you decide not bribe the DJs,  chances are that they will not give a lot of airplay to your music (even if it is truly good music). They could even start giving negative reviews to your music, and generally cricizing it. Therefore your music career will fail to take off, simply because you decided not to give money to the influential DJs.

On the other hand, there are markets where bribing DJs is frowned upon. In such markets, the DJ could even out you, for attempting to bribe him to play your music more. Within that context, it is assumed that if you have to bribe DJs to play your music, then it is not good music. If you are operating in such a market, then, by all means, you should not even consider giving an inducement for a DJ to play your music more.

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