Would it be a Good Idea for L Brands to Play Music in its Stores?

I have been wondering whether it would be a good idea for clothes retailers like L Brands to be playing music in their stores. So this would be a question of having speakers all over the stores, from which music would be blaring. Or alternatively opting for the ‘piped music’ approach, commonly used in high-end restaurants – where subtle music would be relayed to the customers in all corners of the stores.

I am of the view that if clothes retailers like L Brands were to start playing music in their stores, their sales would soar. That is because the customers who are exposed to nice music would tend to stay in the stores for longer. And the longer a customer stays in a store, the higher their chances of ending up buying something there. You could even have people who would be visiting the music stores with the sole intention of listening to the music (at a subconscious level), but eventually end up buying some stuff for themselves or for their loved ones.

Further, if clothes retailers like L Brands were to start playing music in their stores, they would greatly improve their employees’ morale. That is important because, as we all know, the success of a big company like L Brands depends, to some considerable extent, on how well its employees are motivated. And whereas other formal aces limited brands etm associates resources may be effective at motivating the employees, informal things like music can go even further in enhancing motivation.

Of course the idea (of playing music in L Brands and other clothes retailing stores) would come with some cost. Considerable investments would have to be made in the procurement of music playing equipment. And the retailers would also probably have to pay royalties to the musicians whose works they play. So what would be necessary here is a cost-benefit analysis – where the cost of playing music in the L Brands stores is compared to the associated benefits.

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